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Monday, October 6, 2008

Exciting News...Doing Something for ME!

I have decided to throw myself a birthday party!!! LOL! How tacky is that? BUT I don't care...my family will probably just be glad they don't have to do it. NOT that they go all out or even close...(Can you smell the bitterness?)

Since Twilight the Movie comes out November 21st AND my bday is November 22nd I am going to throw myself a Twilight birthday party and invite my family and friends. Then me and 6 of my girl buds are going to jump in the Escalade and got out to dinner AND then go to the movie....eeeeee...I am so excited! The best news is that I talked to Lil Sis today and she is going to drive from NC to spend the weekend with me (if BIL approves)!

I wish you could ALL come and pile in the Escalade with me...

Are you planning anything special for the movie premiere weekend???


Anonymous said...


::i am stomping my foot as i say that with my bottom lip pooched out!::

hardly anyone around here even knows about TWILIGHT... so having a party is like not even worth the trouble!

most parts of Illinois aren't that far from me! i might have to come crash your party!!! that is...if i knew your address!!!!! hint--hint!

i seriously WOULD go Scrappy!

Jan said...

I am totally twilightless. I have nothing to offer. I will say I am excited with your upcoming details of the party, I will just be clueless of the those details. LOL..

Mechelle said...

I hope we can still be friends when you find out I am with out twilight.

One of my goals is to read all of John Steinbecks books this year. This is taking all my reading time. I am reading "The Grapes of Wrath" right now.

Your bday sounds like so much fun. I think it is great that you are throwing a party for yourself.

I did this a couple of years ago. Jim and I have the same bday and we invite all our friends and had a big party. It was the best.

It was nice of the people at Twilight to schedule the movie's opening night right by your bday. They were thinking of you. m

Scrappy Girl said...

Merrianne...I'm not in IL unfortunately! I would drive to get ya if I was girlie! That would be great!

Jan and Mechelle (otherwise known as the NonTwilighters)...come on ladies...seriously...John Steinback has nothing on Stephenie Meyer...lol!...hop on board the Twilight Wagon...you won't regret it!

this is it said...

Oh Scrappy, I love you! Happy Birthday Early! I am putting it on my calender right now!

The Momster said...

We are in the process of planning now. But then ... not sure if we want to see it that night - we may go to the early movie...to beat the tens of hundreds of people who are going to want to get their Twilight on. :)
Have you seen the new poster though? Edward looks creepy. :o
Glad to hear you're planning an 'event'. My friends don't Twilight either... sigh. They don't know what they are missing :)

Michelle said...

That sounds like a very fun time! I'm going to have to plan something!!!

Manga Dork said...

Am I invited?
Who all is invited?
Also tAY #2 REALLY wants to see it so.............can we invite her
Also my knees will heal the mocking from BD DJ JH JW JK and MT will never end the comment dont you play vollleyball will imprint.
Love ya mom

Wendy said...

What a great birthday present...Edward wrapped up in a bow...LOL! You guys will have an awesome time. I'm going with 4 sixteen year old screaming meme's! I will most likely be the loudest!

Back in June when "Sex and the City" came out at the Theater, Myself, my mom, and my sister went to see it...one of the trailers they showed was the first trailer of Twilight. We went insane right there in the theater. Screaming, clapping, the whole bit! After the movie several woman approached us to say...Why were you going crazy over that Trailer. I was like what! You never read Twilight. I just always assume that everyone has read it...heehee! So my sister and I just gushed over the Saga to them. So, Sunday I'm at the local grocery store and a woman comes running up to me and is screaming OMG...thank you for Twilight!!! I was a little stunned but I said to her "what"...she blurts out how she was in the theater during Sex and the City and had chatted with us about Twilight afterward. I busted out laughing and asked her okay "Team Edward or Team Jacob"...winkwink!

Redhoodoos said...

I'm sure I'll be hauling my daughter and her gaggle of friends to the movie. Lol.

Great idea to throw yourself a pahty!

Sondra said...

What a fun, fun birthday present. I think that is the best!! I've seen lots of my blog friends plan parties some are having adult sleep overs, dinner and the movie. A totally Twilight party.

For me, my sister-in-law wants me to wait to see it until I go home for Thanks giving. I don't know if I can promise her that. I might just have to break down and see it without her and then go again when I am home for the holidays.

I agree with Wendy - having Edward wrapped up in a bow for your birthday. Sounds like a bunch of fun to me.. Go for it - throw the best Twilight birthday bash of the centry.

Take care! Sondra

Adventure girl wanna be said...

OMG! How fun!
I haven't read the books and only heard about them a couple of months ago. Guess I better get busy;)
It's funny cuz Megs was just telling me last friday night on our drive that in Spain they throw their own birthday parties. So pretend your in Spain:):):):)
You will have a blast! So happy your sister is coming as well!

Anonymous said...

oh my ...i feel funky....

i thought you lived in illinois!?!?! haaaa hhaaa!!!!

sorry 'bout that! :0

i would STILL love to go... so... kiss whatever poster/picture you ahve of Edward for me!!!

i know
i know...


Lyssa said...

K Thanks for linking my blog to yours! your blog is awesome too!
K you HAVE to get some invitations from me for your big bash! Twilightaitons would b e PERFECT!
Anyways, honestly no pressure but Twilight parties get me REALLY excited :)

Mother Goose said...

Well, if we are in town we are having a big meet up. I made shirts for the book release, so I could probably plan a movie pre dinner party and then we all head out. What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

DesertHen said...

It sounds like you have a fun day planned.....=)

Our little town theater will not have the movie on its premiere date......so guess I will have to wait and see it some other time.