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Friday, October 3, 2008

Blood Tests

When my Mom was here last week I believe she voiced some concerns to my hubby about me being so tired alot. Dr. Hubby suggested to me that I get some blood work done while Mom was having a urine test. I agreed to have the tests...I am a huge baby and Dr. Hubby will avoid putting me through medical stuff if at all possible (remember the "glued" toe that should have had stitches) so I was a little worried that he wanted me to do this.

I made it through having the blood taken without crying. Yes, I am that bad...mostly I tear up because of the nausea. It makes me SO sick! I just shrugged off the test after that. I figured that if you look under a microscope to see what is making me fatigued you would see...

Slide#1 Redecorated Bedroom Slide #2 Three children
Slide #3 80s Birthday Bash
Slide #4 Housework that never ends
Slide #5 Porch Makeover

Let's just say that I was wrong. I am sure those things made me tired, BUT I have...
Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Sounds really scary to me...It means my thyroid is not producing enough of the hormones it normally produces. I am having the symptoms, but it is not low enough to be in the abnormal range on the blood test.
When I asked Dr. Hubby what could be causing this problem he said...
I told him "Then I am in trouble..."
"And you need to lose some weight."
"You might as well write the prescription now!"
Soooo...I guess that change in my eating I was planning to make in September (but didn't) is knocking...I answered the door and it was God giving me a swift kick in the booty.




I am glad it is nothing worse! just think... chilling out & losing weight will COMPLETELY CURE YOU!

you can do it!
i know you can!!!!!

YOu have so many BLOG friends....we WILL SUPPORT YOU!!!

C'mon Girls....WHO's WITH ME!!?!?

you can do it!


da Bergs said...

oh, man... I was thinking for sure it was all the WORK (and fun stuff) you have been doing lately!!! So... will you go on meds? or not yet? Ask Pam about thyroid problems!

The Momster said...

Well, just remember....fat humans don't equal fat vampires. :) That comment you left this morning still has me laughing!

Stress is an unnecessary evil in the lives we live. Wish there was a magic pill to make it go far, far away....but you can join me in my 'get fit for the holly days' goal. You know, misery luvs company....

Trudging off to the bike right now...

Marilyn said...

At least it is only a tiny bit, eh? I really hate it when doctors tell you that you can solve your problems by losing weight! I know, I have experienced it many times. My problem is, my PCOS CAUSED me to gain weight and caused MOST of my health problems! What then? I am proud of you with the needle! I had a nurse start to count to 3 for me, cuz I hate them too, he counted to 1, then stabbed me! What a jerk!

As for my slide show you can't see,I am so sorry. Is there a place where you can just view all images? I know Flash player is a quick and free download, if you can't see the images without the show, maybe you can download it?

DesertHen said...

Dr.'s orders must be followed.....=)

We moms sometimes forget to care for ourselves because we are so busy caring for others......but if we don't care for ourselves ( rest, balance, eating right, check-ups, etc ) then we won't be around to care for those others in our lives.

Take a moment each day just for you. Try to relax and please know that your bloggie buddies are out here supporting you.........=)

Mechelle said...

You are such a loving mom, wife, daughter and friend. Now us time to take care of you.

I know you can do this. My hubby has a program if you want to look into something. But don't feel pressured. Just an idea.

You can do this.

This is within your reach.

You want to be healthy!

You are such a beautiful person.

Take control.

Choose you! M

McEwens said...

Scrap.. you know what, this is about MORE than dieting, people that dont have thyroid issuses dont get that! It is SO DANG Hard and when it is off.... I GAINED weight doing (exercising to her videos) Jane Fonda LOL memeber her?
With hypOthryroidism you ARE tired, your hair falls out, your skin is dry, your neck hurts, you periods are off, or heavy, YOU GAIN WEIGHT! We could eat the SAME exercise the SAME others will lose, we will stay or gain... STINKS!
On meds you can lose (it is slower) but it stops the gaining and the tiredness...
anyway there is a book
I just wanted you to know it isnt all about WILLPOWER... it is a medical thing

McEwens said...

KEEP up the testing... see if they can give you something, I PROMISE YOU you will FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN!

McEwens said...

scrappy one last thing... I know your hubby is a dr... a family dr... ditch the family dr and see an endrocronogist. Thats there specialty, they know the normal range, and how they can help you even if you are borderline.

When I deal with the family dr they NEVER get it right, my aplogies to DR hubby, but the endro gets it right and sometimes there is more than just thyroid they give you.....

keep us posted...

sorry for the zillion posts!

Lawanda said...

Awww Scrappy Girl! I hope the diet changes help! The stress will always be there, but maybe you can get a massage or something to help ya deal with it? :) I know massages help me deal with my stress! LOL

Frumpy Luv said...

oh goodness - this kind of stinks. Being extra tired stinks. I hope this can get sorted out so that you can get feeling better and have more energy!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey Scrappy :)

i was talking to my mom about your problem with your thyroid....

she has had similar problems with hers. and she was on some medicine to help..but it didn't. SO she decied to take some certain vitamins {i think like Red Rice Yeast, --to lower her cholesterol)..that was connected with her her thyroid problem...

well, anyway.. it worked better for her than the medicine did!!!

and now she doesn't take any medicine or anything and her levels are fine.

she had to learn to deal with stress better. too.

{boy oh boy--does my extended family..that my mom has to deal with (my brothers, sister, & all that branch out from them) .. have some MAJOR DRAMA all the FLIPPIN TIME! BIG TIME DRAMA... ALL THE TIME!!!!}

SO i know Stress was a big factor with her, too.

anyway... it might be worth looking into some natural things to take as well. it worked for my momma. maybe it will work for you, too!

and yes

tonight... i am going to have FUN FUN FUN!!!! spencer is going to be HOME HOME HOME!!!!! ♥

Marchelle said...

how did i miss this post?! that's scary stuff. well, you have us as a good support system!

Michelle said...

I have thyroid disease! UGH! My doctor just raised my meds in May. Not sure if it's helped

Wendy said...


Sending well wishes and good vibes from Tennessee! Feel Better Soon!