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Friday, October 17, 2008

Twilight News!

Lil Sis just received her copy of the full color movie guide...she said it is fantastic. She ordered hers from Amazon and they have it for $9.34! She said the pics are great. Just thought my fellow Twilighters would want to know. Jan, you might as well just give in and go pick up a copy! LOL!

BTW...Lil Sis also read that the movie will be 120 minutes.

I can't wait!


Mechelle said...

Sounds like a 120 minutes well spent. I have to say, I am with Jan on this one. Just have not read one word of the books and am not one of the Twilighters. But I am happy for you. I am sure it will be sure to please. m

Frumpy Luv said...

me neither, I am so excited!

Sondra said...

oooooooohh I have to have one of those. Cool.. I am a Twilighter and can't believe all your friends who have NOT read the books. What are they waiting for??.. Don't they know they are such great and fun stories. Maybe after they see the movie they will run out and buy the books and then finally read them. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you or at least take a look at that book. Take care! Sondra

The Momster said...

Guuurrrllll....this is sooo exciting! I wonder if BN has it in stores yet? Or Walmart or Target? I guess I'll be out stalking bookstores this weekend.
I was 'stoked' when I heard 120 minutes, too. Believe me, around here every day is a Twilight day. :)

Marchelle said...

i seriously need to take up reading in my "spare time" hhahahaaa all i hear is how awesome this series is!!

ps, i tagged you on my blog! come pick up your award! =)

Wendy said...

I picked this up as well for my daughter for Christmas.

120 minutes of spine tingling vampire goodness! Hurry up Nov. 21st!