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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Update

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Four Seasons Farm's weekend update...I am Scrappy, your host...

Looking back over this week I notice that it was rather dull...

On Monday I decided to throw myself a Twilight birthday party complete with girls nite out to see the movie. I am going to make the invites soon...I have several ideas.

On Wednesday I unveiled the babies' room. It is working out great! They are enjoying their toys instead of just throwing them on the floor. It is nice to have the toys out of the living room too!

On Thursday we attempted to "adjust our sails" and Wild Child earned her "First Cold of the Season" badge.

On Friday you all asked Manga Dork...and she answered! I had a friend from my childhood check out my blog (Hi Lisa)...she asked my BFF Ruth why I call my daughter Manga Dork. I want to take a moment to explain why I call her Manga Dork. #1 I use nicknames for our whole family to protect us from any weirdos. #2 Manga Dork chose her own name...She loves to read manga...She even uses it on her blog here! I promise I am not a namecalling momma. LOL!

As for Saturday...we decided to go as a family to do some retail therapy! We took our neighbor's foster son with us to Cabella's (Hunting/Fishing/Big Boy's Toys Megastore).

The 3 divas were ready to go in their hip clothes and purses.

Cutie Patootie took a moment to say hello to a grasshopper on the bench outside TJMaxx.

I went to the bathroom in Peebles and came back out to find the 3 divas doing what divas do best...
Wild Child growled at me when I wanted to take her accesories off!
Cutie Patootie using the price tag as a cell phone.
I want to take the same self confidence classes Manga Dork must have taken...

It was a fun day! We didn't get home until 11pm!

This morning we attended church at the church next to our farm. It was very nice and the babies were very well behaved.

I couldn't reist taking this picture of the cemetary next to the church. I definitely think the autumn colors are at their peak this weekend.
Happy Weekend!


Jan said...

How fun Scrappy. Retail therapy looks that they all agree willingly to go through. Happy times. Love the hats.

I love that cemetary. Seems weird to love a place of rest, but that is so nice against the trees. Beautiful country you live in.

Marilyn said...

I want some retail therapy, waaaaaahh!! You know the kind where I can actually afford to buy stuff, lol! Looks like you all had fun! I am sorry I didn't ask MD any questions, I meant to, just got busy, kwim?! Have a good rest of the weekend.

DesertHen said...

It sounds like you have had a nice weekend.....don't you just love retail therapy......=D My hubby loves Cabela's, but the nearest store is a two hour drive for us, so we don't get to go often......thank goodness. He could bankrupt us in that place.....HA,HA.

The photo of the cemetary is very peaceful with all of the fall colors surrounding it......lovely shot.

Have a peaceful Sunday........

Mother Goose said...

i feel the need for some retail therapy too! so nice to spend the day with your girls.

da Bergs said...

How cute!!! Love the hats!!! And, Omigosh, the price tag phone!!!

Love the pic of the cemetary!

Motherboard said...

I LOVE that last photo of the cemetery you took! It is beautiful!

thanks for taking me along on your retail therapy!

Becks said...

Love that all the girls got dressed up in hats and accesories! My kind of girls! You are such a fun momma!!