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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Knock Knock...Who's There...Orange...Orange Who?

Orange County Housewives!
The show began with Gretchen receiving her HUMONGOUS ring from Jeff (who is still in the hospital on the show). It was gorgeous.

The show was mostly about a trip to the Del Mar Race Track. It was fun to watch the girls shop for hats to wear. They are so catty and competitive this season...not a positive for the show.

They all looked beautiful as usual and the hats seemed like such a fun thing. Gambling, like several other things they do, is something I would never do. I think it would be fun to wear the hats and watch the horses race!

Gretchen cracked me up buying all the hot pink hats (which ticked off Tamra who wanted hot pink) and then showed up wearing this white one...Tamra noticed. LOL!
However, I think Tamra looked great and her hubby Simon was too cute...Dr. Hubby could totally rock this look! Hot!
Next week...Tamra has a formal dinner party and keeps encouraging Gretchen to take vodka shots...Tamra's son, Ryan, takes advantage of Gretchen's alcohol consumption. Argh!


Mechelle said...

I love the hats. I am always window shopping for hats. M

Mechelle said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. m

McEwens said...

is this a reality show? or a TV show>

Scrappy Girl said...

Reality show...not my reality though...LOL!

Wendy said...

Just when you think these women cannot be this insane...they prove you wrong...lol! It's such a train-wreck...I can't divert my eyes...heehee! Wow...this episode was full of cattiness! I feel like I should pull the knifes out of my back...and I wasn't even there...lol! Can't wait for next week...what was Gretchen thinking...Ryan is a dog..bow-wow!