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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am still doing well on my diet...struggling with the water intake.

I went to my schoolhouse and SIL did move all her scrappin' stuff out. She forgot a few things so I packed them up and left them on her porch with a note that said..."I didn't want you to say I was keeping anything of yours and using it. I am sorry it turned out this way. Call me if you want to talk about it." She called and....hold on to your shorts....acted like nothing ever happened. At the most she said the door came off her sewing cabinet when they moved it and she told me where she put her stuff in her house. What?! I refuse to spend any more time worrying about it.

I love when the girls pout and cover their eyes like this...so adorable. Yesterday evening I had to take Cutie Patootie's bappy (blanket she puts in her mouth) away because she was trying to go to sleep at 630 pm. Wild Child got very upset and started crying and telling me "Cutie needs her bappy." Cutie did not get a nap and she was still jumping on her bed at midnight! I can't wait til she finds a sleeping pattern.

I just heard that this is the date they are shooting for to release New Moon in theatres. I hope so! Sounds like another birthday celebration to me (my bday is the 11-22). Sorry Dr. Hubby!

TV shows I am loving right now...Momma's Boys...Wife Swap...DietTribe...True Beauty...Biggest Loser (premieres tonite)...and of course...my OC Housewives!

American Idol begins next Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Well if she's "forgotten about it," hopefully that means the drama there will subside for a bit. :)

My husband's birthday is the day before yours - so I guess he'll be taking me to see New Moon for his birthday like with Twilight this year. :) Awww shucks.

whoopsadasie said...

Well, at least she was decent to you!!
Cute pic of Cutie! I hope she does get a sleeping pattern soon!
A great b-day present for me...mine and twin's is the 17th!! Happy birthday to us all!!

Marchelle said...

it would be so fun to come down and go to your new moon b-day party with you!!!!

it just seems SO far off right now! i can't wait!

glad the drama seems to have simmered down for now!

Mechelle said...

That is so fun to have the movie released right by your birthday!!! You must be living right. Good luck on your water intake! M

Sondra said...

Great minds must think a like - posting the same picture. That is great!
SIL situation is crazy as usual. I think you did the right thing in returning her stuff... It would have been another big problem if you left it in your school house down the road. I am loving your daily pictures. This one of wild child is just hilarious - the girls will love all of these stories as they grow up.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

is that the reason I can't loose weight? i've got a refrig full of magnets!
It's hard till the little ones get their sleeping patterns down!
Hang in there!
Cute picture!
Oh and change the locks so that SIL and MIL can't get in anymore! That should help!

Wendy said...

The water is the hardest part for me as well. Really the only thing I do to get it all in is to fill a pitcher and then work on it all day. If I don't, I always drink less than I should. I hate water...why can't it taste like Mountain Dew...hehehe!

Your in-laws are serious about keeping the pot stirred! Try not to buy into it as much as you can. Sounds like they wanted you upset, then they pretended like nothing was wrong! Big Old Pot Stirrer's!

I love the pic of Cutie...she is working it...lol!

That's really fast to have New Moon ready. Have they already started shooting it? That would be awesome...have you see Rob Pattinson's hair...it's so short!

Tink said...

Looks and sounds like my drama queen! I loved the pic of cutiepatootie!

wonder woman said...

Alright, I went back and read what all happened....holy cow DRAMA. And family drama is so much harder than any other kind. I hope it all works out.

Hulk is taking a nap now. It seems he needs one every 3 days. We'll see how it goes. This is only the 2nd time in months I've attempted to give him a nap.

love momma's boys, too. I caught up online with some episodes.....jojo's mother SHOCKS me. Everytime. It blows my mind a bit that people like her still exist.