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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The OC Dish...Gotta love those housewives

The show started off at Tamra's house and it let us know that NOTHING happened between slimey weasley Ryan and a VERY drunk Gretchen. She put him in his place.

Gretchen returned to Tamra's house for a SAHM pool party (kids invited). Gretchen brought her two furbabies. She even had little life jackets to keep them safe in the pool.

Workaholic Vicki put together a LeTip group in her area...it is for small business owners to get together and make contacts. At this gathering Vicki was given an award from the main office. She took one step and fell on her butt...yes, that is the glass award beside her...looks like she broke the bottom off of it (and almost off herself)!

The ladies (minus Tamra) hopped in a limo and went to Fred Segal.
There they made their own fragrances based on their personalities. Jeana seems a little depressed right now...she seemed to be lacking her normal confidence.

After shopping the ladies go for lunch. Gretchen talks about how Jeff (her fiance who has cancer) is talking about wanting to just come home and die. The ladies start talking insurance and bills with Gretchen. Vicki and Jeana say that Gretchen needs to see what Jeff has set up for her so she can prepare for her future if he passes. Lynne thinks this is awful and says she should just leave it alone. This causes lots of ugliness between everyone...

Finally they are giving Lynne more substance other than shopping and being the odd woman out. She makes bracelet cuffs for her business "Cuff Love." She ended up doing a trunk show at her home for the buyers at Fred Segal...she cut a deal and reached her dream of them being in that store! She still hasn't grown on me though...
Next week...Vicki and Jeana visit Jeana's son, Shane, who is a minor league baseball player...Vickie gets a little wild...then Donn calls.


Bobbi Jo said...

My sweet Scrappy Girl(friend),
Thank you so much for filling me in and all the wonderful pictures. Glad that Gretchen and Ryan didn't do anything. I think that would have been really bad for her.
I think Jeanna is very unhappy. It seems that she doesn't get shown a lot by herself at home doing her own thing. Hmmmm interesting that you noticed that too. We are good! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wendy said...

The girls never disappoint me! Love the way you recap the story line...you are so funny! Is it wrong that I enjoyed when Vicki fell? I agree with you about Jenna...but how happy can you be with your ex living in your home. Kinda weird huh? Maybe she is trying to work it out with him and doesn't want the camera's there...makes me say...hummmmm!

Lyssa said...

My DH and I watch this and love it. It's just classic drama!
And you might want to head on over to Twilightations for some good news!

Mechelle said...

You have the best humor. SO FUNNY. m