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Saturday, September 12, 2009

14...I Can't Even Believe It!

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Happy 14th Birthday Manga Dork!
14 thoughts about you
1. You have blossomed this year. I find it hard to look at you and see the little girl. You are a beautiful young lady.
2. Your obsession with mirrors is amusing and annoying.
3. You DO know that you can talk into a cell phone and not just punch buttons to spell out words. People may even talk back...that is if they realize they can talk into their cell phone too.
4. I love watching cheesy stupid reality shows with you.
5. I hate when you get mad at me. I DO have to be the parent occasionally. Trust me...it's for your own good.
6. When you take my hairbrush and I can't find it (almost everyday) it makes me want to shave off your eyebrows at night.
7. I look forward to seeing what career you choose.
8. I know your little sisters drive you nuts and add chaos to your wanna lay on the couch watching tv and texting schedule, BUT I know you love them. It makes me smile when I see the love between the 3 of you.
9. I am so proud of your accomplishments with your weight loss goals.
10. I need to get a life...I hate when you act like I am just a lame-o parent and you want to get away from me quickly.
11. No matter how hard you try to deny it...you are great with little kids...and they really like you!
12. I can't believe I gave birth to someone who loves to go camping! I may have to try going again...maybe somewhere DEEP inside me there is a camper.
13. Your choice of music sometimes scares me. I censor what you listen to because I care what goes into your ears and to your brain.
14. You are such a fabulously confident girl. Always do what YOU want to do and not what all the others are doing. Life is much more fun that way!
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We are not celebrating Manga Dork's birthday today. She was given the choice between 2 birthday packages...

Package A: Birthday dinner at fave restaurant Empire Buffet (chinese), cake, 3 friends invited plus inlaws, lap top for her present.

Package B: Trip to Easton next Saturday, take 2 friends plus ME, stay at Hilton, come home Sunday evening, $100 spending money.

She chose package B...we will celebrate with cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory! Here is one last present for you sweetie...Anoop "Dogg" Desai...

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Which package would you have chosen?


tammy said...

Happy Birthday to her!

I think I probably would've chosen option B too. I've heard things about your in-law's : )

Plus I love Cheesecake Factory.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

What a sweet tribute to your daughter! Mine is only 4 but I always wonder about the stealing of the hairbrush thing with older daughters ... Beth Moore has it in one of her books, too ... Perhaps I will understand in a few years ... :-)

Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!!

Dana and Daisy said...

i ove everything you wrote. I espeically love number three.

I am touched in this age of wanting everything that she chose time with mom and friends instead of a laptop.

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday Manga Dork!

I would have chosen the "B" package also!

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Magna Dork!

M-Cat said...

Oooh tough choice, but I think she made the right one!

Happy Birthday Manga Dork!

laterg8r said...

happy birthday!

love the idea of shaving off eyebrows while sleeping LOL

there is no camper in me....not even very very deep down :D

thatgirlblogs said...

happy birthday manga dork!!!

Unknown Mami said...

I think I would have chosen package A. Is it still up for grabs?

Happy Birthday MD!

Bobbi Jo said...

Please wish Magna Dork a very Happy Birthday and give her a big hug from me! I hope she had a great one. I wish her the very best.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Creative Mish said...

14 is a big one! My niece turned 14 in Feb and it is funny being around her! I think I would have chosen pkg B also! Happy Birthday Manga Dork!

Jackie said...

What a great note to your daughter...you are a very cool Mom! Sounds like she chose the best package too.


Kado! said...

good choice! Happy Birthday!!! Have FUN!!!