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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth

Fight Like A Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

My senior year of high school I DID get into a fight with one of my "friends." She had been giving me a hard time for several months and then one morning she "accidentally" elbowed me while passing through a door. I confronted her after that class...called her a b^$@& and gave her the finger. She followed me to my locker and hit me in the side of the head and then it was on...we fell in the floor and we were both in short skirts. The vice principal picked her up and took her to the office and left me behind. I followed them. The principal called my parents and my mom told her she was glad I had done it because she was bullying me for months and I needed to stand up for myself. We were suspended for 3 days. My mom took me shopping and I got my first car. I still have the piece of paper that was in my hand...her caked on gross makeup is all over it! LOL

drinking Pictures, Images and Photos

I DID NOT get drunk on my 21st birthday. I have never been drunk. I did get caught drinking rum and Mountain Dew on a field trip once.

Paris Hilton CD- lol Pictures, Images and Photos

I DID purchase the Paris Hilton CD and I love it. I am not stupid enough to think she can sing very well...I know they did alot of work on it. The songs are fun and bubbly...Manga Dork and I love to sing Stars Are Blind in the car with the windows down! I also watched both seasons of Paris Hilton's BFF. I can't resist any cheesy reality show! I love the way she dresses...what girl doesn't love pink and rhinestones! However, I do not approve of alot of her behavior.

bokken sleeping with his blanket Pictures, Images and Photos

I DO sleep with a childhood blanket because I love the feel next to my face. I even pack it when we travel. My grandma made it for me and it has had to be repaired several times.

pauly shore Pictures, Images and Photos

I DO love a good Pauly movie...Son In Law (my fave)...In the Army Now...Encino Man...Bio-Dome! I love them all. Am I missing any? He will be at the Comedy Cafe in Easton soon, but I don't think I will attempt going because I am sure his act is not "clean."

This was FUN! Thanks for playing. TGIF!


DV-Becca said...

that was fun- I had no idea Paris Hilton has a CD. I love that you stood up for yourself- I wish I could have done that when I was bullied. You are awesome!

Kristina P. said...

Yes! I win!

Melissa said...

This was a great game. Thanks for the laugh!

rychelle said...

i love that movie, son in law :)

puffy cheeks!

Pam said...

LOL! Now we know where you got the nickname scrappy. : )

M-Cat said...

Fun game!

I confess, I like that Pauly Shore too. My inner 12 year old boy.......

Crawl in Son-in-Law was my favorite character.

Sondra said...

That really was fun. I'm surprised you were in a fight *giggle. You go girl... You really do have a wonderful Mom! I love Pauly Shore too... He's crazy fun!
Have a great weekend!

laterg8r said...

love that you took her down - kind of gross that you kept the paper though LOL :D

pauly shore kills me - crawl is awesom and so is encino man!

Erin Bassett said...

Totally didn't even know Paris had a CD. LOL...I can't even imagine it.

Sondra said...

Yeah I'm on your comment list. :-D And I'm gonna stay there... My addiction. Have a fabulous weekend.

Unknown Mami said...

You like the Weasel.

Kado! said...

how fun!

I did not get drunk on my 21st birthday either...It was my husbands bachlor party....so I was driving HIS drunk a@@ home....but I've MORE than made up for it since.... ;)

Passion Fruit said...

I love the Happiness and Cyanide comic strip. There are so few that don't make you laugh, even the oh so corny ones.

But did that mean girl stop bullying you after that little incident?

JennyMac said...

You ARE scrappy. Love it.

Love Paris H very little so I am glad we agree. The cartoon was great.

I have an award for you. Put on something fancy and come to the Sunday Awards Party.