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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


New moon Pictures, Images and Photos

The track list for New Moon is on twilightersanonymous.com! Just like the Twilight soundtrack I have no idea who most of them are...but I think Ok Go! is the band who did the treadmill dance video. No Paramore?! Thank goodness Rob P. is sticking to acting...his last song was HID-E-ODOROUS!

Did you like the Twilight soundtrack?

What was your fave song?

Are you glad/disappointed Rob P. isn't singing on this next one?


BeccaHill said...

I loved the "schalom" song,as you called it, by rob! I think my favorite song on the twilight album is Eyes on Fire. I don't know anyone on this new album so hopefully it is as good as the last one.

Pam said...

I have heard so much about this that I will have to listen to this soundtrack and give my opinion. : )

The Blonde Duck said...

Dude, that picture thing gave me a seizure!

Sondra said...

Leave out all the Rest by Linkin Park is my favorite. At first I didn't love Bella's Lullaby but I love it now.

I HATED Rob's songs. Hated them. In fact, I didn't even load them on to my Zune... Awful!

I'll have to check out the new soundtrack. I should have gotten addicted to Twilight BEFORE seeing the movie.. because the music played all through it - which was VERY annoying to me... but better after I became addicted to the soundtrack.

Your flash pictures are crazy to your eyes when trying to read the post. WOW! I'm old... what can I say! *giggle.

OceanDreams said...

Yep I loved the Twilight soundtrack, I actually liked Rob's song, but you are right, it wasn't anything amazing. I love Paramore though and it would be nice to see them on the second soundtrack. I look forward to the variety on the second CD!

Creative Mish said...

Super Massive Black Hole by MUSE. I love the soundtrack!

and Linkin Park

Becks said...

I love the Twighlight soundtrack....well mostly the second half of it. I love "Eyes on Fire" and of course "Bellas Lullaby". I just skip over the ones that are too much for me. I cant wait for the new movie and soundtrack!