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Sunday, September 27, 2009

You've Never Had It So Random

I have some pics that I took during my computer's photo uploading vacation that I really want to share. I also have several random things going through my head...

Cutie and me at the amusement park on Labor Day weekend.

Random thought #1 This past Wednesday I took Cutie to get some immunizations. They gave her 2 in one leg and 1 in the other leg. She freaked out and refused to walk for a couple days.

Dr. Hubby and Wild Child on my grandparents' front porch.

Random Thought #2...We watched "17 Again" last night. I loved it...such a cute movie, but I just couldn't see Matthew Perry as a grown up Zac Effron...don't get me wrong...I love Chandler Bing!

Manga Dork in my grandpa's VW.

Random thought #3...Dr. Hubby's aunt and uncle who are still punishing us for not letting her go camping in June invited Manga Dork to Dr. Hubby's great aunt's surprise bday party, and sent word that we could come too if we wanted. argh. This is getting "stupider" by the day.

Mr. NikonD60 can turn photos sepia. Daisy by the barbed wire fence on our farm.

Random Thought #4...My blood tests show that my thyroid medicine is working well, however, my cholesterol has not improved with my healthier diet. I am going to have to take another pill...this does not make me happy...I hate taking medicine.

Me in a store at Myrtle Beach.

Random thought #5...we booked our flight and hotel for New Orleans. We leave on Halloween! I just read that the New Orleans Halloween celebration is a gay-circuit celebration...argh. Now that should make for some interesting photos...

Dr. Hubby with Nephew at our county fair...I {heart} this pic of Dr. Hubby...he is so hot.

Random Thought #6...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
BIL agree to Lil Sis coming to New Orleans with me...I won't let her order the $5 orange juices...I will remove at least 2 items from all her food orders so she will stay within budget...I will split my meal with her...I WILL LET YOU HAVE THE WIN FOR MINI GOLF...I WILL NO LONGER MENTION THE WORD "TIE"...YOU WON!(if you let her go)
Happy Weekend!


Kado! said...

what a random fun post!

i saw an old VW bug yesterday and was telling my kids how I missed my 1st car....I'd love to have a nice one (my VW bug was a piece of crap) again someday!! That would be fun!

lynne b. [my life in blog] said...

0. my first car was my papaw's VW bug. it was royal blue. excepy, back then i was way too cool for it. now, i regret it everyday. ive even went to search its whereabouts to buy it back. cowboys are cute :) & have fun in new orleans. my only trip was 2 in one, my first & last. lol

Unknown Mami said...

Love the Beetle and the wacky glasses!

laterg8r said...

too funny - love the randomness :D

Pam said...

I love how those random thoughts flow together.

M-Cat said...

Love random posts! and Dr Hubby is a Dr Hottie Cowboy!

Have in New Orleans, but be safe!

Creative Mish said...

Love all of the Randomness! I had a yellow VW in highschool :) License plates were custom and said "CREEP"

Cynthia said...

So many fun pictures. You are ALWAYS going fun places! I'm jealous! My Hubs would love to go to New Orleans and listen to the best jazz music available. Sadly, it's not in our budget either. Sigh.

tammy said...

#6 made me laugh.

I love a man in a cowboy hat.

New Orleans gay celebration. Sounds almost as fun as when we were at Disneyland for gay day.

Love the daisy pic.

(in answer to your question, I've lost 27 pounds total. I want to lose 10 more)

Kaci said...

Bummer about having to take medicine...better safe then sorry I guess, but I know how you feel. I hate medicine!

Sondra said...

I loved how your random blog - flowed so well. Awesome pictures and thoughts!

Poor little wildchild with double leg shots. My oldest had that one time and I NEVER would let anybody do that again! It was awful! Sorry!

I love the daisy - cool picture. So are you becoming a photographer? Is it going to become a profession?

Love DH in cowboy hat! Lucky girl!

I sure hope SIL gets to go to New Oleans with you.. Please....please BIL.. :O)

OceanDreams said...

Glad your health is improving but I know pills are annoying, hopefully you will get to the point where you won't have to take them, that would be nice! :) That daisy is beautiful, good job with the sepia tones.

DesertHen said...

Loved seeing all the pics! Love the sepia daisy photo! Lucky you going to New Orleans and to be there for halloween....how fun!