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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Dr. Hubby closed his office early due to the icy roads. He came home and took the kids sledding! They loved it! BUT it was COLD!
Manga Dork flew down the hill!

Cutie was just COLD! Yes, those are bare hands you see. Another strike against me for Mother of the Year.

Wild Child loved to go FAST!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Letter To Cutie

My sweetest Cutie Patootie,

It is hard to believe you are 3 years old today. It truly seems like only a little while ago that we were fostering your sister and got the call that another baby was on the way. When asked if we wanted you I immediately answered "YES!" You arrived a month early and I was caught completely off guard. On the morning of February 1, 2006 your social worker called and asked if we could come pick you up from the hospital NOW. I called your daddy and then rushed to the camper where your Mama C. was living temporarily. We were SO excited!

We went up to your birthmother's room to see you. You were so beautiful. My heart was beating fast and tears of joy came to my eyes. I also felt sadness for your birthmother. She loved you so much, but could not give you the care you needed. We were friendly with her and tried our best to make taking you as easy as possible. She trusted us with you and your sister. She made it known that she wanted you to be with us if you couldn't be with her.

The whole family welcomed you, and your big sisters were so happy to see you. Wild Child wanted to be beside your bassinet all the time and Manga Dork loved feeding you. You were a good baby.

The journey of adopting you was a rollar coaster ride with the ups of being a part of your life and the downs of my fears of having to give you back. The day we adopted you is one of the happiest moments of my life. I was officially...your mommy.

Age 3 finds you very happy. You love to make people laugh, but shy away when too much attention is on you. You love puppies and like to pretend you are one. You have a bit of a temper and give your sisters a hard time. You still suck on your "bappy." You love to cuddle and just lay beside me wrapped in a blanket. Most of all....you are very loved.

Happy Birthday Cutie!

Dr. Hubby brought home a small cake to celebrate Cutie's bday...


She was very excited until we started singing. She melted under the table...

She reminded me of a celebrity hiding from the papparazzi...

She finally got up and blew out her candles...3 times!

We are hoping to thaw out for the "big" puppy themed party on Saturday...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Housewives Are Busy

This episode of Housewives was all over the place. The ladies were doing all kinds of things...

Tamra went with her mom to get plastic surgery...
Then Tamra's bro brings over photos from their childhood. Tamra discusses how her parents' divorce was really hard on her even though she was 25. She plans to visit her dad soon and talk things over with him.
Gretchen visited a VERY cool gym that her and Jeff are planning to invest in. Jeff is still in the hospital at this point undergoing chemo. Gretchen was funny while trying out the pilates room.

Lynne took her 2 spoiled brats to the spa. The oldest had to leave early cause her boyfriend was picking her up...gag gag...Lynne was disappointed.

Vicki and Jeana traveled to Chicago. Vicki introduced Jeana to "her people." PLEASE SOMEONE SHOW VICKI SOME ATTENTION...SHE NEEDS IT LIKE SOME PEOPLE NEED AIR! She got a little touchy feely with her friend's hubby...Jeana told her to quit "molesting" her people...hahahahahaha!

Vicki and Jeana also traveled to see Jeana's oldest son, Shane. He is a minor league baseball player with a MAJOR attitude problem.

At dinner he talked to his mom like she was NOTHING. I agree with Jeana...he spent too many years learning how to treat her like Matt, her ex-hubby, did. You know behavior is bad when it shocks even Vicki!

Lynne had a cocktail party and invited all the housewives...Vicki did not show...no big shocker there after last week! Tamra and Gretchen seem to be buddies again.

Lynne's oldest spoiled brat of a daughter, Raquel, crashed the party with a few of her friends. She is 18 and her drinking drives me crazy! Lynne needs to WAKE UP! Hey, maybe Raquel and weasly Ryan (Tamra's son) can get together and move to....like Zimbabwe or somewhere FAR AWAY!
Next week's teaser...the girls go to VEGAS!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Adventures In Home Dentistry

Honestly this was so funny! My mom showed Cutie how she could remove her teeth. Then Cutie tried to remove her own teeth. She said, "I can't do it. It's too hard." So she decided to remove RubyNan's teeth!

You're Invited...

...to Cutie Patootie's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. I can't believe my baby will be 3! Wow! She loves puppy dogs so I used my cricut to cut out this puppy invitation and the info. is written on the back.

I really enjoyed AMR's challenges last week. If you scrap you should definitely check it out...just click the logo in my sidebar! The owner, Stacey, is a sweetheart! This layout was for a scraplift challenge. They posted a layout and we had to "scraplift" it.

The color challenge this week was to use a solid black background to make the colors "pop."

The title/font challenge was to use a catchy phrase for our title and a different font for each word. The word "show" is chipboard covered in stickles.
My mom is here to visit for the week so forgive me if I am not around as much...we are going to play in "our" schoolhouse. Jan, come on over...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Too much chinese food for Wild Child!

Manga Dork has complained that she has not been in the Photo of The Day yet.
I have been loving the owl trend. The scrappy stamps and papers are adorable.
This owl was captured on Manga Dork's rear...this long shirt is so cute!

It was hard to pick a favorite from our party night. These girls are just SO much fun!

Wild Child + Sunflower nuts = Hives and Swollen throat
Yesterday when we were shopping Wild Child had a reaction when she ate a couple of these sunflower nuts. We thought she had just gotten one stuck in her throat...and then the hives showed up! No more nuts for her...
Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flying Brocolli, Fuzzy Tiaras, and F*U*N

We went on a Girls Night Out to celebrate Manga Dork's BFF Nicole's 13th Birthday! We started the evening at Fusion Japanese Steakhouse.

This was my first Hibachi style restaurant experience. Our chef was hilarious. I even caught a flying brocolli in my mouth!

After eating we raided the mall and where did we stop first?! Where else would you take 6 12-13 year olds? CLAIRES (of course)! The girls were transformed into princesses and we headed for the play area to take some fun pics!

The girls all took turns trying to kiss this frog and turn him back into a prince...let's hope they don't get warts!

A cupcake for the birthday girl!

Everyone wants to pose on a giant hot dog...right!? Only 4 out of 6 girls would pose for me...we had 2 party poopers. They wouldn't even put their crowns on!

We ended our fun evening at Cold Stone Creamery. I had Birthday Cake Remix (Cake batter ice cream, sprinkles, brownie, and fudge). It was very rich! The birthday party was a success when the birthday princess spoke the magic words..."This is the best birthday I have ever had."
The End

Friday, January 23, 2009

Twilight Treats Coming My Way!

My bloggy buddy Lyssa has a great Twilight blog called Twilightations. She makes gorgeous Twilight inspired invitations/cards. She is doing lots of giveaways for the new year and I was the winner of giveaway #4.

I love the ring! They are both available at Bella Bejeweled. Check out her site...the creations are all gorgeous!

300 Posts!

This is one of the shirt's Wild Child got from Gymboree. I love it! This photo is in honor of my 300th post AND for you my bloggy buddies! You are ALL fabulous! Thank you for the sweet comments you left me yesterday when I was feeling blue. It was a rough day and it only got rougher. Today is a new day. Thank you for taking the time to leave comments and for reading my daily thoughts. Through those comments and your blogs I have made some awesome friends.

Now to celebrate my 300th post I am wanting more of you to "come out of the woodwork." Become a follower or leave a comment! I want to know you are here!
TGIF! Here's to another 100!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Have the Blues...

*I have the blues...I mean the huge big ol' pity party kind of blues. Honestly I feel like I don't have anyone here where I live. My family is all 4 hours away and I am stuck on this farm with inlaws that lie and talk about me behind my back. My MIL and FIL are traveling to their other home and will miss Cutie's bday, but will be back for my niece's. I feel so insignificant. I struggle with the Mrs. Dr. Hubby thing or "That's doc's wife." I used to have a name. The 2 little ones are so sweet but they are exhausting! Manga Dork is a total teen and I am not used to being "the enemy." I hate cleaning! I am so sick of it. I hate dieting...I have been sneaking snacks and can't seem to get back on track. I feel so fat and ugly. How unimportant do I feel when my hubby comes home and talks about all the great doctory things he did and then he looks at me and I say..."I made a card today" or "I mopped the kitchen." Who am I kidding...the floor still needs mopped...lol! I need a tissue...

*I reserve the right to delete all these thoughts if they turn out to be PMS induced.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The OC Dish...Gotta love those housewives

The show started off at Tamra's house and it let us know that NOTHING happened between slimey weasley Ryan and a VERY drunk Gretchen. She put him in his place.

Gretchen returned to Tamra's house for a SAHM pool party (kids invited). Gretchen brought her two furbabies. She even had little life jackets to keep them safe in the pool.

Workaholic Vicki put together a LeTip group in her area...it is for small business owners to get together and make contacts. At this gathering Vicki was given an award from the main office. She took one step and fell on her butt...yes, that is the glass award beside her...looks like she broke the bottom off of it (and almost off herself)!

The ladies (minus Tamra) hopped in a limo and went to Fred Segal.
There they made their own fragrances based on their personalities. Jeana seems a little depressed right now...she seemed to be lacking her normal confidence.

After shopping the ladies go for lunch. Gretchen talks about how Jeff (her fiance who has cancer) is talking about wanting to just come home and die. The ladies start talking insurance and bills with Gretchen. Vicki and Jeana say that Gretchen needs to see what Jeff has set up for her so she can prepare for her future if he passes. Lynne thinks this is awful and says she should just leave it alone. This causes lots of ugliness between everyone...

Finally they are giving Lynne more substance other than shopping and being the odd woman out. She makes bracelet cuffs for her business "Cuff Love." She ended up doing a trunk show at her home for the buyers at Fred Segal...she cut a deal and reached her dream of them being in that store! She still hasn't grown on me though...
Next week...Vicki and Jeana visit Jeana's son, Shane, who is a minor league baseball player...Vickie gets a little wild...then Donn calls.

Branching Out

This is the tree in our backyard. You have seen it several other times...I usually sit my layouts and cards in its branches or on the ground up against it's trunk. I have loved this tree since we moved here despite it's weird seedy pods it throws all over the sidewalk and porch in the spring. This summer it decided to attract bees...to the point the kids couldn't play on their toys. Will the bees come back? The trees fate is in their tiny little "hands."
I am a chronological scrapbooker. I scrap all my photos. Because of the delays with "our" schoolhouse/scraproom this is my latest layout...Christmas 2006! Wow I am behind. BFF Ruth is in the bottom left corner...today is her bday...she is 93...I mean 53...heehee!

AMR Card Team Challenge
Make a valentine using red, black, white, and one more color of your choice
Inside reads: Be My Valentine
I am loving challenges...so glad I decided to stretch my creative self!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

This cracked me up. I hope I don't look like Wild Child when I take photos...heehee!


I have been fighting off the "Back To Reality" blues today (maybe combined with a little PMS). I decided to clean the little ones' room to keep me busy. I cleaned under the beds, went through the toy chest, organized the clothes in the closet. It was so neat. I even got 3/4 of a 39 gallon trash bag ready for Goodwill. Unfortunately this is NOT the before picture...it is the AFTER! I could have passed out! I went to check the computer and exhale after a job well done and left them alone watching Spongebob! What can I say...they are gifted...LOL!

Showering With Your Grandma?!

While we were gone on our trip my MIL showered with the 2 little ones. This is something we have repeatedly told her is unacceptable. We have been telling her since Manga Dork was a baby! Today I think I am going to call her and tell her that if it happens again that the kids will not spend the night with her anymore.

This is SO weird! Does your kid's grandparents bath/shower with them? I am sure this could be considered torture by most people...LOL!

We weren't home 10 minutes before we were exposed to the CRAZY and STUPID...argh! Welcome back! LOL!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freezin' In Cleveland

Yesterday was a great lazy day here at the Hilton in Cleveland. I decided I did not want to go back out during the day because it just wasn't worth braving the cold. I blogged, surfed the net, and laid around watching tv. Ahhhh...

In the evening Dr. Hubby and I drove 30 minutes to the Great Northern Mall. Dr. Hubby was so patient while I went into "heaven"....errrr {cough cough}....I mean Archivers. For you non scrappers Archivers is to Scrapbookers as Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops is to Outdoorsmen. Then I went to Gymboree to spend my "Gym Bucks." I was in there for 2 hours...poor Dr. Hubby. He was a good sport though and roamed the mall on his own. This photo is the view out our windshield on the way home...it was really slick and I was SO glad to get back to the hotel.

I played around taking pictures with my Nikon to take my mind off the snow!
Funny story...This afternoon I got out of the shower and was getting dressed. I put on my new Betsey socks my parents got me for Christmas. They are SO cute and I love the signature on the bottom...so I thought I would take a picture. I take the pic and put my foot down off the bed...Dr. Hubby comes back from a seminar. He looks at me funny and says "I come in and see my wife naked* holding a camera...thats a little unsettling." LOL! *I had on underclothes.
We are heading home at 2:30 today!