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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Don't Even Believe it!

Today I found out that I won a DVD from Shauna! On Sept. 29th Disney released Disney Animation Collection 7: Mickey's Christmas Carol.

I am going to save it to give to the girls on Turkey Day evening. It will be their first surprise of the holiday season!

Thanks Shauna! Check out her website...she is always have a great giveaway...or 2...or 3...or...

Living Up To My Name

Yesterday I went to the scrappy schoolhouse and got creative! Did you know Saturday is World Card Making Day?!

This is a card for my grandparents' 70th anniversary in December. If you look closely you can see the embossing behind the bird...I used a cuttlebug folder.

I used a K&Co. paper pad and its' coordinating embellishments to make this card. The pink and blue rose are pop-dotted to stand out and the dark red flourish above them is a clear overlay.

I love DCWV paper pads, but I am accumulating quite a collection so I got out my Animal Crackers pad to see what I could use. I handcut the tree, monkey, and toucan from a sheet of paper. The toucan is pop-dotted to stand out.

Dr. Hubby's cousin and his wife are expecting a baby boy soon...so I used some more of that DCWV Animal Crackers pad to make them a card. I can't wait to go buy the little boy clothes to go along with it! I handcut the elephant and water droplets and I used Stickles to accent "Little Animal."

Not only am I accumulating paper pads, but my paper flowers are overflowing! I used the DCWV Animal Crackers paper again...this is just one piece of paper...it was already designed in strips...so easy! And on the sentiment I did the one major sin of rubberstamping...I rocked it!...that is what gave me those annoying lines above and below "Thinking of You." argh.
It was fun to create!
What have you accumulated too much of?
How do you plan to use it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Should I Be Worried?

Yesterday I came into the kitchen and saw Cutie playing on her Dora blanket with her stuffed animals. How sweet...

Then I looked a little closer and saw that she was pulling the stuffing out of one of the dogs...it had been losing stuffing little by little.

Then I noticed all the little ones lined up with pieces of stuffing in front of them...was she feeding them the stuffing? Creepy...lol!
Has your child ever done anything that creeped you out?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Lord...Let There Be A Costume In Her Buggy!

funny old lady Pictures, Images and Photos

Yesterday while we were in Walmart we took Wild Child and Cutie to the costume section...they were not real happy. Cutie tried to climb on Manga Dork's head and pretend she was a hat and Wild Child said, "Mom, I want to go home. I don't think these are the happy costumes." LOL!

So we headed to the grocery section and on our way Wild Child points to this older lady and loudly says, "Mom, she's got a scary costume." I turn to look while praying that there is an actual costume in her buggy. It is empty. OMGoodness...I just turned red and raced into the chip aisle.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You've Never Had It So Random

I have some pics that I took during my computer's photo uploading vacation that I really want to share. I also have several random things going through my head...

Cutie and me at the amusement park on Labor Day weekend.

Random thought #1 This past Wednesday I took Cutie to get some immunizations. They gave her 2 in one leg and 1 in the other leg. She freaked out and refused to walk for a couple days.

Dr. Hubby and Wild Child on my grandparents' front porch.

Random Thought #2...We watched "17 Again" last night. I loved it...such a cute movie, but I just couldn't see Matthew Perry as a grown up Zac Effron...don't get me wrong...I love Chandler Bing!

Manga Dork in my grandpa's VW.

Random thought #3...Dr. Hubby's aunt and uncle who are still punishing us for not letting her go camping in June invited Manga Dork to Dr. Hubby's great aunt's surprise bday party, and sent word that we could come too if we wanted. argh. This is getting "stupider" by the day.

Mr. NikonD60 can turn photos sepia. Daisy by the barbed wire fence on our farm.

Random Thought #4...My blood tests show that my thyroid medicine is working well, however, my cholesterol has not improved with my healthier diet. I am going to have to take another pill...this does not make me happy...I hate taking medicine.

Me in a store at Myrtle Beach.

Random thought #5...we booked our flight and hotel for New Orleans. We leave on Halloween! I just read that the New Orleans Halloween celebration is a gay-circuit celebration...argh. Now that should make for some interesting photos...

Dr. Hubby with Nephew at our county fair...I {heart} this pic of Dr. Hubby...he is so hot.

Random Thought #6...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
BIL agree to Lil Sis coming to New Orleans with me...I won't let her order the $5 orange juices...I will remove at least 2 items from all her food orders so she will stay within budget...I will split my meal with her...I WILL LET YOU HAVE THE WIN FOR MINI GOLF...I WILL NO LONGER MENTION THE WORD "TIE"...YOU WON!(if you let her go)
Happy Weekend!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Measuring Up

There are just some days I feel like I don't measure up. Housekeeping is one of those ways...Dr. Hubby can take my self-esteem to zilch with one little comment. I hate that feeling. Last night he pointed out some Nerds on a table and chip crumbles beside my desk while my SIL's mom was at our home. argh.

When was the last time you felt you didn't measure up?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Hits The Farm

Unknown Mami

Check out more Sundays in my city at Unknown Mami...just click the button!

A couple weekends ago we ventured out to a farmer's market to pick some fall decorations for the porches. I wanted to capture a cute picture of all three girls. Well, it went as well as it did when I wanted a Christmas photo...yes, Manga Dork is texting...argh!

Here are the results...

I had some indian corn sitting on the stops...evidently a mouse thought it was a snack and drug it to a hole near the step.

Do you decorate for Autumn?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Girls

On our trip to NC we played with some "fun" mirrors. It made me think of our before and after shots for TOPS...LOL!

Last week we went to TOPS...we were all shakin' in our shoes cause we had no idea how we had done. I had maintained for 2 weeks and still felt like I had not lost. The girls were worried how school lunches were affecting them.

I finally saw the scale move! It was only 1/2 a pound, but at least it was going DOWN! Manga Dork lost 4.25 pounds. She was so happy and felt a little better about her gain the previous week. Tay lost 4.5 pounds! She had missed the previous week so that was for 2 weeks. We were all bouncing and happy the whole way home.

Our Totals

Scrappy 25.5 pounds

Manga Dork 19.5 pounds

Tay 21.5 pounds

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's A Miracle!

Today I decided to try out my photo uploading capabilities....IT WORKED! I am telling you I heard angels sing!

So in an attempt to reclaim my mommy blogger status I am going back in time... I have oohed and aahed over children in their back to school clothes without being able to post mine...here they are...

Manga Dork began 8th grade (senior year of junior high). Shirt is from Aeropostale...jeans from American Eagle...shoes by Mark Ecco...book bag by Walmart. Dr. Hubby helped her iron on an "E" and she pinned on lots of "flair" to decorate her bag.

Wild Child is in the 4 year old class in preschool...shirt, shoes, socks, and hairbow by Gymboree...shoes by KSwiss....book bag by Walmart (Disney Princesses).

Cutie was SO excited to start the 3 year-old preschool class. Outfit and hairbows by Gymboree...shoes by KSwiss...book bag by Walmart (Tinkerbell).
The honeymoon of back to school is already over and Wild Child is the only one still enthusiastic about school...Cutie just wants to roll over and go back to sleep...LOL!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


New moon Pictures, Images and Photos

The track list for New Moon is on twilightersanonymous.com! Just like the Twilight soundtrack I have no idea who most of them are...but I think Ok Go! is the band who did the treadmill dance video. No Paramore?! Thank goodness Rob P. is sticking to acting...his last song was HID-E-ODOROUS!

Did you like the Twilight soundtrack?

What was your fave song?

Are you glad/disappointed Rob P. isn't singing on this next one?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Much Better Than A Regular Old Birthday Party!

Easton Town Center Kids Fest Pictures, Images and Photos

This weekend we went to the 2nd "Happiest Place on Earth." I took Manga Dork and her 2 BFFs to Easton in Columbus, OH. We stayed at the Hilton and did alot of this...

pf changs Pictures, Images and Photos

MMM... Cheesecake Factory Pictures, Images and Photos

max n ermas Pictures, Images and Photos

and even more of this...

forever 21 Pictures, Images and Photos

hot topic Pictures, Images and Photos

and we saw this...

I can do bad all by myself Pictures, Images and Photos

It was a good movie. You can expect the same things you get in any Tyler Perry movie...deep very serious themes with a sprinkling of Madea for some comic relief. My only complaint was that they put performances of songs (3 or 4) that seemed really long. I am not a fan of seeing someone sing a whole song in the middle of my movie. Gladys Knight plays a very likeable character and Mary J. Blige's character just seemed unnecessary.

On the ride home the girls couldn't come up with their favorite part of the trip...everything was just so fun. I am thankful my daughter has great friends. I think the shocker of the whole trip was me coming out of Archiver's with only $3.98 worth of merchandise...I had them check my temperature.

Where is your happy place?
Thank you photobucket for the photos...without you I would be nothing but words.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth

Fight Like A Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

My senior year of high school I DID get into a fight with one of my "friends." She had been giving me a hard time for several months and then one morning she "accidentally" elbowed me while passing through a door. I confronted her after that class...called her a b^$@& and gave her the finger. She followed me to my locker and hit me in the side of the head and then it was on...we fell in the floor and we were both in short skirts. The vice principal picked her up and took her to the office and left me behind. I followed them. The principal called my parents and my mom told her she was glad I had done it because she was bullying me for months and I needed to stand up for myself. We were suspended for 3 days. My mom took me shopping and I got my first car. I still have the piece of paper that was in my hand...her caked on gross makeup is all over it! LOL

drinking Pictures, Images and Photos

I DID NOT get drunk on my 21st birthday. I have never been drunk. I did get caught drinking rum and Mountain Dew on a field trip once.

Paris Hilton CD- lol Pictures, Images and Photos

I DID purchase the Paris Hilton CD and I love it. I am not stupid enough to think she can sing very well...I know they did alot of work on it. The songs are fun and bubbly...Manga Dork and I love to sing Stars Are Blind in the car with the windows down! I also watched both seasons of Paris Hilton's BFF. I can't resist any cheesy reality show! I love the way she dresses...what girl doesn't love pink and rhinestones! However, I do not approve of alot of her behavior.

bokken sleeping with his blanket Pictures, Images and Photos

I DO sleep with a childhood blanket because I love the feel next to my face. I even pack it when we travel. My grandma made it for me and it has had to be repaired several times.

pauly shore Pictures, Images and Photos

I DO love a good Pauly movie...Son In Law (my fave)...In the Army Now...Encino Man...Bio-Dome! I love them all. Am I missing any? He will be at the Comedy Cafe in Easton soon, but I don't think I will attempt going because I am sure his act is not "clean."

This was FUN! Thanks for playing. TGIF!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let Out Your "Joe Wilson"...Ya Know You Want To!

You LIE!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Most of you have heard about US Rep. Joe Wilson R-SC and his "diarrhea of the mouth" during Pres. Obama's speech. Well, I thought I would give you a chance to go "Joe Wilson" on me. Below is a list of things about me...one is a lie...can you spot it?

*I was suspended during my senior year of high school for fighting.
*I got wasted drunk on my 21st birthday.
*I am a Paris Hilton fan...and even own her CD.
*I sleep with a blanket that I have had since childhood.
*I {heart} Pauly Shore movies.

Wilson Satire Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Admit I Am Sometimes A Little...

immature. I like to have fun and sometimes it is hard to hold back my inner "little kid." Yesterday my inner "7 year old" came out to play while I was reading my yahoo homepage.

Obama Pictures, Images and Photos

My inner "7 year old" loves pull my finger jokes...

that one Pictures, Images and Photos

She likes funny faces too.

Yesterday while doing an interview Pres. Obama was asked "off the record" what he thought about the Kanye situation...Pres. Obama said Kanye was a jacka$$. An eavesdropper heard him and tweeted it. This caused a commotion...if ya want all the juicy details...google it. What did my inner "7 year old" think of this? Well she got a little philosophical and said...

"Takes one...to know one!"

Next up...Kanye West is offered a position on Obama's public relations committee...just wait...you heard it here first!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Should Smell Good!

bath and body works Pictures, Images and Photos

While checking out twilightersanonymous.com for the latest Twilight news I was so excited to see that Bath and Body Works is bringing out a new fragrance...Twilight Woods. It will be released on November 2nd, but you can get a travel size for $1 beginning Sept. 28th. These would be great additions to New Moon Premiere party gift bags!

new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jon Gosselin {hearts} Kanye West

Don't Feed The Troll Pictures, Images and Photos

For months Jon Gosselin has prayed for someone to come along and do something so revolting that it would take some of the attention from him...someone stupid enough to earn the title "Biggest Douchebag On The Planet." Last night Jon got his wish...

kanye west Pictures, Images and Photos

Enter Kanye West...

taylor swift Pictures, Images and Photos

Last night at the VMAs while Taylor Swift (19) was accepting her Best Female Video award Kanye jumps onto stage...takes the microphone from her and says, "Hey Taylor, I'm really happy for you, but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." Sweet Taylor looked humiliated and was escorted off stage and the show stumbled and began showing the next clip. The rest of the night the crowd BOOed Kanye and chanted "Taylor."

beyonce Pictures, Images and Photos

At the end of the show Beyonce won Best Video of the Year. Her inner beauty showed brightly when she thanked them for the award and said she remembered receiving her first VMA at 17...then invited Taylor to the stage to finish her thank yous. How nice...

Kanye...the sound you heard when Beyonce gracefully handed her microphone to Taylor... was the last nail going in your coffin...

Douchebag Pictures, Images and Photos

BTW...I nearly soiled the couch watching the New Moon clip. I am ready for November 20th!

Happy Monday!